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Toilet Repair & Installation In Pierre SD

Are you looking for toilet repair or a new toilet? Are you considering a complete bathroom remodel? Here in Pierre SD and the surrounding areas, Smith Plumbing is ready to serve you. Call or text us at 605.222.4770 or use the request service form below for a fast friendly solution.

Why Hire A Professional To Repair or Unplug Your Toilet?

One task that strikes fear in the heart of any new homeowner is toilet repair. Many of the fixes look easy, but there is always a risk of making matters worse. One small mistake can leave you without a toilet until the plumber comes. You may want to consider calling us if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • A plugged toilet that cannot be fixed with a plunger
  • Recurring plugs that do not go away
  • Foreign objects trapped in the toilet 
  • Water leaking from the base or toilet tank
  • The sound of running water, even when the toilet is not in use

It all seems simple and straightforward until you get your first plugged toilet. Everyone seems to treat unplugging a toilet as a do-it-yourself project. If you decide to do the same, there may be a problem. Perhaps you don’t have any idea how a toilet works.

Your Toilet Is a Masterpiece of Simplicity

A properly operating toilet is the key to avoiding the problem of plugging. However, no matter how well your toilet operates, it will still plug on occasion. Parents who pull stuffed animals out of the toilet can attest to that. When you press the lever to flush, the following happens:

  1. Gravity causes the water to drain from the tank into the bowl quickly. It enters the bowl through the jets found in the rim.
  2. Rising water in the bowl causes the contents to flow through the trap in the back of the toilet. The trap is what keeps water in the bowl when it is not in use to keep sewer gas out of your residence.
  3. The water and waste that flowed through the trap continue to the sewer or septic system. The flush is complete and the tank refills.

Plunging Is the First Cure for Plugged Toilets

If you have occasional blockages, plunging should work just fine for you. If you find yourself doing it often, you could have one or more of these causes of a clogged toilet:

  • Low water level in the tank
  • Obstruction of the tank outlet
  • Mineral build-up around the jets in the rim of the bowl
  • Mineral build-up in the trap
  • Overloading the toilet with toilet paper
  • Flushing feminine hygiene products
  • Flushing any paper product besides toilet paper

Toilets with a powerful flow of water through the bowl and through the trap plug less. Watch your toilet flush and see if weak flow may be your problem. We can provide pressure assisted toilets as a potential solution.

Replacing a Toilet Is Sometimes The Best Option

People seem to think that toilets last forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. Periodically upgrading your toilets can help you save water and solve other problems. We have taller age-friendly models available. If you have a bigger project in mind, consider implementing an age-friendly toilet upgrade for your bathroom.

Perhaps It’s Time for a Bathroom Upgrade

Are you looking for a toilet repair or a new toilet? Are you considering a complete bathroom remodel? Here in Pierre, SD, Smith Plumbing is ready to serve you. Call or text us today at 605.222.4770 or contact us through our online form.

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