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If you’re interested in installing gas lines in your home, or you need repair on existing pipes, let us help. Any LP or natural gas work is best left to the pros, it can be dangerous when tackled without the right knowledge and testing equipment. Call or text us at 605.224.1400 or use the request service form below, and we’ll provide the expertise you need.

Gas Keeps Your Home Running

You might be amazed at the number of common household items that run on gas throughout your home. Sources of gas are more common than most people realize, and gas line installation is becoming more popular due to its many benefits over electric systems:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster heating potential
  • Environmentally friendly

You may not even realize how big a part gas plays in your daily life. Knowing where it operates can help you identify when to seek help with repairs when the time comes.

Common Household Uses For Natural/LP Gas

  1. HVAC Support

Depending on the system you have in your home, gas may play a crucial role in maintaining optimum air temperatures to keep you and your family comfortable. By opting for this route over electric for your HVAC, you may even save money on costly utility bills.

  1. Superior Cooking Potential

Houses with gas appliances garner more interest from homebuyers for a very good reason. With cooktops, gas allows you more control over the temperature of your stove and the food being prepared on it.

  1. Reliable Laundry Process

When dryers are powered by gas, they benefit from the same heat control capabilities that you get with cooking. As a cycle begins and ends, warmth enters and leaves the basin faster.

  1. Hot Water Supply

Water heaters are another source where a gas pipe is crucial to maximize efficiency. These units provide warm water for a variety of household tasks:

  • Showering
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry
  • Cooking

If your water heater needs to meet a larger demand in your home, gas can generally do a better job of keeping the hot water flowing for everyone. These models can be tankless, offering continuous flow.

  1. Cozy Fireplace

A gas fireplace is one of the easiest ways to enhance a living area’s inviting atmosphere. Not only does it provide heat, but it provides ambient light that creates the right mood for any cozy room. Gas is easy to turn on and off, so there’s no need to mess with firewood.

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If you’re interested in installing gas lines in your home, or you need repair on existing pipes, let us help. Gas work is best left to the pros because it can be dangerous when tackled without the right knowledge and testing equipment. Contact us at Smith Plumbing, and we’ll provide the expertise you need.

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Ms Wambli
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Old heater shot and leaking a lot. They came out ASAP and within a short time we had a new water heater working great. The previous water heater provided by Smith Plumbing lasted 25 years. Efficient and professional. Highly recommend.
Chad Kringel
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Smith Plumbing is a family run business and they are a pleasure to work with. They care about their customers and do a top notch job and then follow up to make sure that everything is running smoothly after a repair. I’ve used them on small projects, emergency projects, and large bathroom renovations and each time, I have been more than satisfied. 10/10 would recommend.
Hermanus Niemandt
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Fast, efficient and decades of knowledge! I would recommend Dan and his team to anyone in need of a plumber! Thank you for the great and friendly service!
Austin Goss
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We are lucky in Pierre to have a lot of great plumbers in town, but Smith has been our go to whenever we need any work done at our primary home or at our rentals. They are reliable, reasonably priced, and extremely personable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Ron Kayser
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I would highly recommend Smith plumbing. They were very professional and fast at installing the new water heater and replacing the outside faucets. I will definitely call them on any plumbing issue I have in the future
Marc D
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Thank you for the wonderful service! We appreciate all you did to get us up and running with the new washer installation and repairs on the water heater. Extremely nice to have a business who is responsive to their customers!
Michael Keeton
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Fixed a leaking shower that another plumbing company tried to fix twice previously. Great service

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