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Faucet Repair In Pierre SD

A quick and effective way to remodel your kitchen or bathroom is to replace the faucet or sink. This affordable solution can completely change the look and feel of the room. If you’re ready for a low-cost remodeling project, or need fixture repairs, discover how Smith Plumbing can provide premium solutions today. Call or text us at 605.222.4770 or use the request service form below for a fast friendly solution.

Fixture Repair

Leaking, stained or damaged faucets can not only be unpleasant to look at, they can also decrease the functionality of your sink and increase your water usage. Some common issues that might mean its time for a new faucet or repair if possible:

  • Visible physical damage, cracks or chips
  • A faucet or sink in your home is leaking
  • Remodeling purposes
  • You’d like to upgrade an outdated faucet or sink
  • Low water flow
  • Hard to turn on and off

Some issues can be solved with minor adjustments, while others require a replacement part, such as a new cartridge or O-rings. Our experienced service team comes equipped with many of the components you need for prompt and effective service.

Hard Water Issues

Many faucets in Pierre are affected by hard water. Hard water can cause ugly buildup that is extremely difficult to remove. Over time, it can also cause damage to your fixtures and affect your water flow.

From a professional rebuild to complete replacement, our expert technicians can help you solve your faucet issues. We highly recommend a water treatment system to help prevent future damage from hard water. It’s never too late to prevent more damage caused by hard water buildup.

Upgrade Your Sinks and Faucets

Looking for a brand new look for your kitchen or bathroom? Buying a new faucet or sink can be a simple way to dramatically increase the look and feel of these rooms. Many faucet alternatives can also offer more functionality.

At Smith Plumbing, we offer an extensive range of faucets and sinks for you to purchase. Installing a new sink can be time consuming without professional experience, so let us ensure your project is completed effectively.

Having trouble choosing the perfect option? Our experienced plumbers can help discuss the pros and cons of several options, as well as recommend highly rated fixtures that can help increase the look and efficiency of your bathroom sink or kitchen sink.

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We’ll send a team right over to fix your leaking faucets or major plumbing issues. For stress-free service from our fully licensed and insured team, contact us at: 605.222.4770. You’ll love the local service and family-owned pride of our knowledgeable team of plumbing experts.

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